Explore our extensive selection of captive-bred tortoises. Each tortoise is meticulously bred and cared for, ensuring optimal health and quality. We have been keeping tortoises for over 20+ years. Whether you're a seasoned enthusiast or new to tortoise keeping, we are here to help.

Baby Russian Tortoise (Preorder) - David's Jungle

Captive Bred Reptiles

Here at David's Jungle we strive to produce high quality captive bred reptiles. We offer a lifetime of support to all our customers. Check out our social media and you will find tons of previous customers who we often share pictures of their animals from us. Many of which have even created their own social media and Instagram accounts for their tortoises and reptiles we produced. Nothing is more satisfying than seeing previous customers loving their animals just as we do.

Leopard Geckos

Reptile Enclosures & Habitats

Custom-made reptile enclosure, large tortoise houses, etc. Tailored made homes for your reptile buddies. Coming very soon!

Tortoise food and supplements

Checkout our seed mixes to grow your own tortoise food, along with herbal hay, flower mixes, cactus and supplements to offer your tortoise the best nutrition.

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